Our Feedback!

"Thanks again for your prompt service..." P&K, Qld.

"Received your package today and will try them out shortly. At least they smell really nice, nothing like the old used smelly ones we soaked and used back in Fukuoka, Japan." PM, Vic

"The tatami are great too and exactly what i needed. Im a shiatsu therapist and im using them to give my treatment space a more authentic Japanese feel rather than for sword practice." SL, NSW

"The tatami has just arrived. Thankyou very much for the great service." RM, Vic

"Thankyou for your prompt service." DT, Vic

"Thanks Craig, almost like it was teleported, arrived so fast!!" AD, Qld

"I can already tell that the Tatami you’ve provided is of much higher quality than what I’ve been getting here and is also much finer allowing me to roll it a lot tighter and get a better mat out of it." BW, NZ

"Just wanted to say that my package arrived perfectly at 8:30 this morning. I cannot believe how fast my order arrived and I also couldn't be happier, thank you very much. I'll most certainly be ordering from you again in the future." BS, NSW

"Thanks for the fast reply." AS, Vic

"On behalf of COX Richardson, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks for all your generosity in supporting our entry into the Emergency Shelter Australia Exhibition." Cox Architecture, NSW

"Thank you for shipping the mats so fast, the mats have made excellent targets for my cutting practice and for the cutting demonstration I presented, thanks once again on your fast delivery and excellent product" JM, NSW

"Its good to be ordering again. I had a lot of enjoyment cutting them last time..." CM, Qld

"My order arrived yesterday thankyou. I look forward to training with them soon." PM, Qld

"I received the tatami mats, they were wrapped beautifully and no damage done to them in postage. Once again I appreciate all your assistance and dedication to get them to me as soon as possible." LD, WA

"I had a great Tameshigiri session on Saturday. Your tatami is by far best I have ever cut with. Thankyou very much!" RM, Vic

"Thanks for the swift response. That's a very reasonable price..." BS, Vic

"Thank you for your prompt and detailed reply!" KO, NZ

"The tatami arrived today so thats super fast processing and delivery of an online order in my book and much better than many other online transactions ive experienced." SL, NSW

"I’m sure we’ll be doing business again in the future, again thank you for your assistance." BW,NZ

"AWESOME...we cut all of them sensational!!!!! Been looking a long time for something to cut, will be in touch again!" JB, Qld

"I just faxed my order for a pack of 20 tatami and wanted to touch base with you, cant believe i didnt know about you earlier!" AN, Qld

"Thanks very much Craig, and thanks again for stocking the tatami. Its a godsend to be able to buy the mats here in Oz, and at a good price too!" PB, SA

"The standard beach mats that are available just don't do the job in my opinion, so you will indeed be hearing from me again!" PU, Vic

"Hi Craig, tatami arrived today thank you for your efficient service." DM, SA



Our great friends at MUGEN DACHI in the USA have done all the legwork and sourced the best quality for price tatami omote for test cutting direct from one of Japan's largest manufacturers. Their excellent reputation is very well known across North America and Europe for a reliable, clean and consistent target for test cutting. Just check out the customer comments on the Mugen Dachi site here.


As you can tell from our website - we try to keep our costs as low as possible! This means you - the customer - gets the best deal possible. We don't add any extra cost to our shipping prices and we don't charge for packaging and handling. We buy in bulk and sell our tatami omote in the most economical packs when it comes to shipping. If you can find genuine, new, quality tatami omote somewhere else in Australia or New Zealand for a cheaper price then let us know!


Mugen Dachi have been selling their tatami omote for more than 12 years...they know what they are doing. When it comes to target rolling and stand construction combined with their general swordsmanship knowledge, they have a wealth of information that you should tap into. Their website has excellent content that all 'cutters' should check out, see our links page to get there.